Network Design

Deployment and Support

Aptus Consulting is an industry expert in the planning, installing and trouble-shooting of cabled and wireless networks. We apply our broad base of experience and the most up-to-date network management software to ensure your network runs at optimum performance levels.

Our team of network engineers will select high quality and cost-effective hardware and software to architect your Local and/or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN). We work to design the best networking solution to suit each client’s individual needs, from the small storefront business to a company with multiple satellite offices. Understanding and agreement upon a set of expectations is the core of Aptus Consulting customized network design services.

As your business outgrows its current network capabilities, Aptus Consulting can update and expand your current resources to provide a seamless transition into a new and improved network.

Should problems arise with network performance, our team of field engineers applies proven fault-finding techniques to quickly identify and correct the root cause. In addition, we offer the installation of network monitoring software to identify system failures in near real-time.